Top 5 qualities that make a computer game successful

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Some computer games receive very little attention when they are released whilst some others are very popular for quite some time. Occasionally a computer game is released that remains popular for years and in some cases decades.

This article looks at the top 5 qualities that are found in very successful games. This gives the reader an insight into what makes a computer game successful.

1: A good character

A good character really does make the game and sometimes you can have little else but still have a fantastically popular game based on the character alone.

The Super Mario Brothers franchise is a good example of this. That isn’t to say these games don’t have anything to them, but what it means is, the Super Mario character has become so lovable that it has allowed the game to last longer than many other games. Even to this day, Super Mario games are still popular to play, and new versions of the games are released and attract massive attention.

This is thanks, at least in part, to the characters – not only Mario but all his friends as well as his enemies.

2. An Interesting concept

An interesting concept always makes games popular. A good example of this is the Pokemon game series. For example, one of the latest editions to the Pokemon franchise – Pokemon Go, incorporated the real world with the game so that players had to find Pokemon characters that were seemingly located someone in the real world, as seen through the screen of the devices they were using. This made the game very addictive and very popular.

Pokemon have come up with similarly addictive concepts in the past that have made all of their games popular. Some of their games are so popular that they have even had unofficial releases put out in the marketplace.

3. Addictive gameplay

Addictive gameplay is something that plays a role in a game’s popularity. People love to be challenged and love to “beat the computer” so having an addictive game keeps people interested. A great example of an addictive game is Angry Birds – a very simple concept, but one where you must beat the machine and one that has endless trials and tasks to get through.

This game was extremely popular in its time and still is now.

4. Great storyline

A great storyline often makes games very popular. Having a good back story makes the game far more believable and often plays a role in its future popularity. This is especially true when it comes to roll player games. A great example of this can be found in the Final Fantasy series. These games were very basic when they were first released, but the amazing and detailed backstory made them extremely popular among fans.

5. Immersive world

This is more prominent in recent years with the advent of 3D and lifelike graphics. A good example of these types of immersive games would be the newer versions of Tomb Raider where you can get completely lost in the computer generated world.